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Imago therapy believes that our childhood experiences with primary caregivers (i.e. mother, father, grandparents, etc.) play a powerful role in the formation of our individual identity and our choice of partners. The word imago is derived from Latin, meaning “image”.

It is defined as an “unconscious image of familiar love”. Imago theory believes we become attracted to people who have some of the same positive traits as our primary caregivers,

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but with whom we also experienced some of the same hurts and disappointments that we experienced in childhood.

I believe that in addition to ineffective communication, couples generally lack awareness of what is going on beneath the stated problem.

As your Imago therapist, I will help you explore the hurt and fear beneath the conflict.
You will learn to become open to supporting each other's healing and growth.

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As we travel the journey of life, it is inevitable that we will encounter loss and concomitant feeling of sadness, fear, and/or helplessness. Our minds and brains resist change, especially change that causes pain.

Nevertheless, all of us must undergo life transitions or losses. Some of these we choose, like getting married, having a baby, changing or finishing a career, retiring. Some life presents us, sometimes suddenly and unfortunately, like the death of a loved one or a beloved pet, loss of a job, or divorce. All transitions impact and change relationships in some way. If we choose to navigate these with consciousness, transitions can result in positive growth for us as individuals or as a part of a relationship.


Stress is the natural reaction to any change, welcomed or feared, inevitable or chosen, and we often feel forced into new patterns of thought or behavior. Unconsciously, we may be trying to fight or ingore the new reality, while thinking that we are doing our best to adapt.

If marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one (be it a partner, a family member, a friend, a pet), retirement, family changes (adjusting to living with a step family, for example), or any other life transition left you feel overwhelmed and confused or hopeless and exhausted, I can teach you healthy and positive ways to deal with evolving or drastically changing relationships, and shed light on any unconscious reactions and behaviours that might be standing in the way to finding balance, acceptance, and peace.


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Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that can be managed with a variety of medical and therapeutic interventions such as medications (for sleep disorders, pain, anxiety, etc.), physical therapy (including alternative approaches such as Feldenkrais, St. John’s Movement, therapeutic massage, and others), nutritional counseling, and relaxation/meditation to improve sleep and mood, and to minimize the pain response.


It estimates that 5-8 million adults in the United States suffer from Fibromyalgia. Women seem to be affected at higher rates than men.

In addition to generalized pain, which can be severe and debilitating, other symptoms of Fibromyalgia can include, but not limited to, fatigue, sleep disturbances, numbness and/or tingling in extremities, uncontrolled motor activity (such as restless leg syndrome), depression, anxiety, and transient memory difficulties. Fibromyalgia is highly personalized. “One size does not fit all.”


Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia can be as much of an ordeal as the symptoms themselves. Many of Fibromyalgia patients come to a diagnosis only after seeking help from numerous professionals, eliciting frustration and self doubt. Although it has no cure, Fibromyalgia can be managed. With proper treatment, Fibromyalgia sufferers can lead productive and enjoyable lives.

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I use many therapeutic interventions to educate and treat clients with Fibromyalgia. I invite my clients to hone their capacity to manage their symptoms by learning to embrace Fibromyalgia and its pain and to accept it into their lives. Making a friend of an enemy (Fibromyalgia) can trigger growth in a client’s attitude toward this disorder. I have special knowledge about Fibromyalgia and a deep level of empathy, respect, and understanding because I also have Fibromyalgia.